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Orchards & Gardens

Fruit, Flowers, Festivals and Fun in Abundance

Kelowna’s agricultural roots go deep. We celebrate each season with special festivals. Take them all in. Gorge on cherries, bob for apples and stomp grapes. Our region’s micro-climate and predisposition for a long growing season mean you can tour stunning floral gardens, take tractor tours of orchards and stroll vineyards.

Rediscover the taste of freshness from our friendly farm community. Kelowna is down to earth but luxuriant all at the same time.



The best part of this resort is that it is close to my grandchildren and I come down at least once a month. I stayed there in the summer with them and it it was perfect, indoor outdoor pool, lots of things to do. I stayed there at spring break as well, and plan on staying there with them almost once a month. The rates are reasonable and room 328 was perfect for all three of us. What would be really great would be if there were special rates for people who stay frequently.

My grandkids and I loved it