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Large Groups

Large Groups

Our unique property and ideal location make us the perfect choice for large groups of 10 to 50. The OK Seasons Resort has 5.5 acres and seven different types of rooms, grouped around two courtyards with lots of room to play or relax. Approximately half of the suites contain fully equipped kitchen facilities (kitchenettes) and all rooms have refrigerators and coffee makers. We like to personalize your large group bookings and, wherever possible, provide adjacent rooms with a mix of room types.





The best part of this resort is that it is close to my grandchildren and I come down at least once a month. I stayed there in the summer with them and it it was perfect, indoor outdoor pool, lots of things to do. I stayed there at spring break as well, and plan on staying there with them almost once a month. The rates are reasonable and room 328 was perfect for all three of us. What would be really great would be if there were special rates for people who stay frequently.

My grandkids and I loved it