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Think Globally, Eat Locally

It’s no wonder Kelowna’s food scene mantra is “Eat Locally”. This is a city originally populated by agriculture and orchards – its rich soils, sunny climate, lakes for irrigation, and mild winters all perfectly suited to growing food. As acclaimed chefs are discovering the merits of the city – refined local wines, dedicated farmers as neighbors, and fresh sun-ripened ingredients exploding with taste – Kelowna’s culinary scene is burgeoning.

Many dining establishments, feature renowned chefs offering evidence of the mantra that you will be looking down at in the dish before you and you will know that the food didn’t have to travel far to end up as flavors in your mouth.

Enjoy lattes at street-side cafes, appetizers on a rooftop patio, or nightcaps by a marina under a starry night sky. Menu choices include contemporary bistro-style, tantalizing ethnic choices, popular pub or family-style as well as quick, on the go health-oriented juice and java bar fare.

Many fine dining establishments offer extensive wine lists and have sommeliers and knowledgeable servers on staff to assist you with the perfect wine pairing to indulge your palate.

For a unique dining experience, try partnering delectable cuisine with an unforgettable adventure such as cruising Okanagan Lake on-board a houseboat or yacht.



All guests at the OK Seasons Motel Resort are welcome to use several BBQ’s throughout the courtyards. Cooking tools are available from guest services.


Complimentary Breakfast

Complimentary Continental Breakfast is provided for all guests at the OK Seasons Motel Resort.


There are many fine restaurants within walking distance of the Okanagan Seasons Resort including Eastside Mario’s, Joey’s Global Grill, The Cactus Club Cafe, and Montana’s.



The best part of this resort is that it is close to my grandchildren and I come down at least once a month. I stayed there in the summer with them and it it was perfect, indoor outdoor pool, lots of things to do. I stayed there at spring break as well, and plan on staying there with them almost once a month. The rates are reasonable and room 328 was perfect for all three of us. What would be really great would be if there were special rates for people who stay frequently.

My grandkids and I loved it