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Arts & Entertainment

Local Colour and Sand

Downtown, is Kelowna’s fascinating Cultural District. Studios, galleries, theaters, museums and outstanding restaurants abound. You’ll even find a casino.

The Kelowna Art Gallery is located in the heart of Kelowna’s Cultural District and showcases a variety of local, national and international exhibitions. The gallery has wide selection of public programs for all ages and offers a unique and elegant space as an event venue.

The Rotary Centre for the Arts is also located in the Cultural District and provides space for artists, musicians, dancers and actors to gather, practice and perform. The 332-seat Mary Irwin Theater, inside the Centre and the 879-seat Kelowna Community Theater, plays host to artists in the performing and visual arts. Exceptional artwork can also be found in a collection of interesting galleries located beyond the Cultural District.

All around Kelowna one can find galleries to explore from along Bernard Street to down in the Mission. Head to the edge of town and enjoy indoor and outdoor art by internationally acclaimed artist Geert Maas. Featuring over 350 artworks, sculptures, paintings, and one of the largest collections of bronze sculptures in Canada.



The best part of this resort is that it is close to my grandchildren and I come down at least once a month. I stayed there in the summer with them and it it was perfect, indoor outdoor pool, lots of things to do. I stayed there at spring break as well, and plan on staying there with them almost once a month. The rates are reasonable and room 328 was perfect for all three of us. What would be really great would be if there were special rates for people who stay frequently.

My grandkids and I loved it